Exercise Therapy

What if I Forget How to Do My Prescribed Exercises?

No problem. Call the clinic at (408) 358-6505 and we’ll explain your treatment exercises for you. Also, check out the exercise videos on this web site.

Can’t I Just Do Some Yoga/Pilates/Weights/Other Exercises On My Own?

Simply stretching and strengthening the muscles around a painful or injured joint without addressing very specific issues such as joint stability, alignment, and neuromuscular training virtually guarantees greater pain or another injury of greater severity. Learn more about this concept as it relates to lower back pain and ACL tear injuries elsewhere on this web site.

Is Pilates Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a medical specialty composed of specific methods of diagnosis and treatment which, when applied correctly, bring about intended, measurable clinical results.

Pilates then, is not physical therapy. However, some physical therapy clinics, including Physical Therapy of Los Gatos, use Pilates exercises and equipment to expand the range of exercise modalities available for prescription. The Pilates Reformer, in particular, offers specific advantages with respect to neuromuscular retraining and incremental load-bearing.