Orthopedic Surgery

Do You Need Surgery?

Some injuries can only be addressed by surgical intervention. If there’s a possibility that you might benefit from surgery, you’ll be referred to an orthopedic surgeon. Your surgeon will evaluate and diagnose your injury, and recommend surgery, rest, or physical therapy depending on the extent of your injury and your stated goals for recovery.

Will You Need Physical Therapy?

While surgery is sometimes an absolutely necessary first step to recovery, it is itself a traumatic event to the affected site, and requires close follow up. When your physician believes you’re ready to start using and re-conditioning the tissues around the surgical site, he or she will often prescribe Physical Therapy to improve and speed your recovery.

Why Physical Therapy After Surgery?

It is not acceptable to repair injured or degraded orthopedic structures without re-conditioning the traumatized site and addressing correctable issues that led to the need for surgery.

What if My Surgeon Does Not Prescribe Physical Therapy?

Let him or her know you want the best possible outcome from surgery and a complete recovery from your injury. Ask for a prescription for Physical Therapy.

You Can Request a Specific Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical Therapy of Los Gatos has productive patient care partnerships with each of the orthopedic surgeons in Los Gatos, and many more in nearby communities. At any time before or after your surgery, it’s OK to say to your doctor, “I would like to go to Rob Naber’s clinic for Physical Therapy.”