Your Health is Our Concern

You will always find a professional, caring atmosphere in the clinic. Our experienced administrative staff does all the scheduling and paperwork so your Physical Therapist can focus on your concerns and your progress.

We Are Licensed Physical Therapists

Your scheduled visit will consist of a one-hour, one-on-one experience with a licensed Physical Therapist, not an aide or assistant. We’ll never hand you off to a less qualified individual.

Our Business is Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy of Los Gatos is a professional medical clinic. We do not chase fitness fads or try to attract more patients by promising a spa-like experience.

We Expect You to Get Better

Physical Therapy is a specific medical specialty composed of proven techniques for orthopedic evaluation and treatment. When applied consistently and correctly, Physical Therapy offers an extremely efficient and effective means of reaching goals such as recovery from injury, reducing the risk of injury, returning to team play after surgery, and carrying out regular activities without pain. Our uncompromising approach to the practice of Physical Therapy enables our expert clinical staff to prescribe effective, individualized treatment programs with confidence. We expect you to get better, even if you’ve been dealing with chronic pain, weakness, or disability for years.