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Ligament Sprains

You know the feeling. You’ve put in the miles, the hills, the interval training. Now it’s race day and you’re having a good one. You feel balanced, light, and fast. You press the pace one more click and leave another pack of runners behind. Then it happens. Your foot comes down on a rock and […]

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Western Occupational Health Conference: Lumbar Spine Stability

At the September 2005 Western Occupational Health Conference, Physical Therapy of Los Gatos principal Rob Naber delivered presentations on anterior knee pain and lumbar active range of motion. At the same conference, Rob also gave a somewhat more technical presentation for physicians on the topic of lumbar spine stability. This web site article was adapted […]

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New Evidence Revises Rehab of Young Female Athletes with ACL Injuries

An unintended consequence of the increase in sports participation by girls and young women over the past thirty years has been an extraordinary rise in the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in young female athletes. At the college level, one in ten young female athletes participating in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and […]

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